MCC Management Academy

mcc management academy

The MCC Management Academy provides informal leadership and management training to professional people from private, public and non-for-profit sectors.

The academy’s key strategic approach from its beginnings in 2000 was to develop the capacity of human resources by transforming knowledge into practical, applicable knowledge. That includes work methods, techniques, tools and skills which help organisations to develop and grow. 
Our 30 years’ teaching experience delivers you success. 
Our success equals the achievements of our clients who become leaders in their field.
mcc management academy

Our Approach

The MCC Management Academy delivers in-house, modular training programmes. We work with teams from one organisation to obtain instant improvements and growth. 

We have assisted clients to improve overall performance, and to grow sales, revenues and profit to hardly imaginable proportions and far beyond their expectations.

Sales and revenues have increased for 40% and 1000% with particular clients in the first 6 – 12 months. Productivity, cost-savings and quality increase along with customer and employee satisfaction. 

The combination of training, on-the-job coaching and project work closes the cycle of learning by implementing the new knowledge in the workplace. 

Our teaching style is dynamic and engaging which makes students active learners and problem-solvers.

Our training is not theoretical, dry board-centre drill, but a practical learn and implement
experience. It is full of ready-made management tools, methods and skills you apply in the workplace. 

We make your business grow and that makes your investment in our services fully justified. It is smart, cost-effective and profitable to choose our training which yields the highest returns. You invest only a small proportion of your future gain in our training and we create that gain for you.

Our advanced training and development approach offers an effective alternative to university, college and traditional training schemes.

Individual, Group and Organisational Needs

Trainees are coached, guided and advised in line with their personal needs and by the specific knowledge and skills that fit the organisational requirements.

We integrate activities and topics that are important for both individuals and groups to make impact on organisational growth. Emphasis is put on applicable knowledge, skills and tools.

Tailor-made, Customized Programmes

The MCC Management Academy designs and delivers tailor-made, customized training programmes.

We develop individuals and improve their knowledge and skills through contents which is customized to their needs.

To build people’s competence based on actual needs, to prioritize those needs in the light of strategic and operational objectives, and to focus on the implementation of newly acquired skills in the workplace reinforces organisational growth.

Our Clients