Training & Development

training & development


The recipe for successful business has evolved to a point which puts in focus management capability. To put cash or assets in the hands of incompetent staff makes failure certain. To deliver you success, we focus on developing your employees.


People perform. People make plans true.

To build people’s competence based on their needs and to align their skills with organisational objectives requires implementation of effective HR Development mechanisms. 

We help your employees develop their personal and organisational skills, knowledge, and abilities to help your organisation grow and succeed.

training & development

HR Development Services

Our unique approach to HR development addresses both individual and organisational development needs. We create Organisational, Individual and Group Development Plans which enable your business to grow along with the growing capacity of its human resources.

Our HRD services include: performance management and development, employee training, coaching, on-the-job counselling and guidance, mentoring, succession planning, career development, and organisational development.

MCC Management Academy

Our MCC Management Academy delivers in-house, modular training programmes based on prior training needs’ analysis. 

We teach, coach and advise top executives and boards of directors, middle-level managers, project teams and HR staff.

The management training includes:

  • Internally supplied training programmes, customized for your needs, and
  • Management development sessions which cover specific topics and resolve specific issues.

Individual and Group Coaching

We deliver individual and group coaching and advisory sessions for managers and teams which aim to develop their capacity to address specific challenges.

Each session, whether delivered one-to-one or to a group, is tailor-made and covers specific needs and objectives.

While the individual sessions are personalized to stimulate individual development, the group ones are structured to develop teams by focusing on the common goals and challenges.

The sessions take specific number of hours weekly or monthly pending on the needs for transfer and transformation.

To read more about coaching in Macedonian, visit the web site of our MCC Management Academy:коучинг

Teaching Style

The teaching style is interactive, student-centred and dynamic, as well as introspective and analytical. Emphasis is put on knowledge that can be pragmatically applied through people’s business experience.обуки/

The application of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) principles allows us to teach adults by empirical methods which improve their performance through skill development and transfer of knowledge.

Multiple Advantages

Our training and coaching approach offers multiple advantages. First, we build relationships that facilitate an effective co-operation of organisational units based on shared organisational values and objectives.

We create strong horizontal and vertical synergy across the organisation. We build strong winning teams. We challenge you all from top to bottom to improve and to perform better.

 Visit the web site of our MCC Management Academy in Macedonian language, at the following link:


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