Reward and Motivation

rewards & motivation

Reward and motivation systems and tools motivate employees to work towards achieving strategic goals. Employee engagement and contribution result from their satisfaction and the organisation’s commitment to provide fair and equitable rewarding.

Effective Systems and Tools

We design and implement effective rewarding systems and tools which increase organisational and individual performance.

A good reward management practice ensures that employees receive adequate  financial, and non-financial recognition for their contribution.

Furthermore, effective reward management aims to reward employees fairly, equitably and consistently in correlation to the value they contribute to the organisation.

Our solutions help your organisation to improve your pay policy and practice, salary and payroll administration, total rewards, team rewards and executive pay.

We assist you to:

  • Establish a competitive and motivating base salary structure,
  • Make rewards contingent on business results and employee performance,
  • Make recognition and rewards meaningful and timely,
  • Apply an advanced rewarding system which addresses and integrates the key motivational drivers of your employees.

Total Reward Solutions

Our Total Reward solutions address the key issues for any employer such as internal and external equity, increased performance and productivity, legal compliance and administrative efficiency. Total Reward covers all of the rewards earned by employees in return for their labour which include:

  • Monetary compensation – wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular and consistent intervals, and
  • Non-monetary compensation – benefits, leaves, retirement plans, education, employee services, career development and advancement opportunities, opportunities for recognition, environment and conditions.

Employees’ Preferences

The information we collect in our HR Surveys suggests that while non-executive employees tend to prefer direct monetary compensation, the executives who are more satisfied with their salary prefer non-monetary rewards.

Each client is different. Employees have different needs and requirements. Motivational drives differ as well as employee expectations. For these reasons we design customized Total Reward solutions based on data from an Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Survey we carry out with your employees.


rewards & motivation

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