Organisational Development

organisational development

Our Organisational Development Services (ODS) facilitate the change you need to make and help you to improve organisational effectiveness by aligning strategy, people and processes.

What Makes Organisations Under-perform

When an organisation does not achieve its goals, management must eliminate the causes of organisational under-performance. There are multiple causes of organisational ineffectiveness, but the main reflect:

  • A lack of vision and strategy,
  • Misaligned strategy, operations and resources, and
  • Under-performing management and staff.

Change Drives Development

When facing failures and bad performance, organisations should undertake significant changes. Instead, many tend to change a procedure or two, some question the capacity and the number of staff, and the majority fail to take into account the need of the business for substantial change.

To eliminate failures and losses, to achieve goals and to develop competitive advantage, an organisation should make changes in the organisational design, job designwork methodsemployee performanceorganisational culture and effectiveness.

When we are assigned to develop and improve an organisation, our work consists of organisational assessment, organisational design, job design, innovations, change management, performance management, project work, training, coaching and team building.

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Our Approach

We leverage a strategy-based operating model and organisational design. We start with identifying the strategic goals, then we go on to assess how the organisation performs and how it should perform against those goals. Then we plan change and implement the plan.

We lead you throughout the process of planned, systematic change until you get at the desired destination. While working together, we transfer our knowledge and skills to your employees. 

Projects usually take from a few weeks and months up to a few years pending on the goals and the scope of changes we need to deliver to our client.



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