Job Evaluation System

job evaluation system

Job Evaluation is a systematic way of determining the relative worth of a job and its position in a particular pay grade in the organisation. The purpose of having a Job Evaluation System is to provide effective compensation based on internal and external equity. Effective compensation stimulates job satisfaction, higher motivation and increased performance by employees. 

Jobs Differ

Jobs differ and hence their weight. Job holders are aware of the differences and they expect fair compensation for their contribution. To be effective, compensation should be based on fair job evaluation. Read more on how to obtain fair compensation:

How to Obtain Fair Compensation

Without having a tool, the organisation cannot provide fair compensation. Fair compensation can be obtained only if the solution is systemic and built upon:

  • A comprehensive job system including detailed job descriptions and job specifications, and
  • An objective and fair Job Evaluation System.

If you are not sure whether you need a Job Evaluation System, check the infographic for more.

The MCC Job Evaluation Method

Our MCC Job Evaluation Method is a factor-point method which integrates job analysis, job design, job evaluation, pay grading and base salary compensation. 

While it preserves the core philosophy and approach of the leading factor-point methods, during the last 20 years we have enriched and upgraded the system to a quality level that delivers higher added value to clients.

Jobs are expressed and evaluated in terms of key factors. Points are assigned to each factor after determining its relevance and importance.

Then the points are summed up to determine the pay grade for each particular job. Jobs with similar point totals are placed in similar pay grades and bands.

Key Advantages

The MCC Job Evaluation Method has a few distinctive competitive advantages such as high sensitivity while evaluating different jobs (e.g. executive vs. non-executive), factoring based on clients’ specifics, and applied total quality management.


job evaluation system

Infographic: Why organisations need Job Evaluation, © MCC | HRM, 2017


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