HR Outsourcing Packages

hr outsourcing packages


Day-to-day HR tasks and operations are not top management’s duty. You cannot afford to take on specialist tasks when you need to focus on running your business and pursuing higher organisational performance.


If you need to increase efficiency and overall organisational performance, you need us to bring in our expertise and let us assist you in achieving those goals. If you do not have an HR department and you need to increase efficiency and performance, then you will benefit from our expertise.

When you outsource to us, we act as your external HR department. 

If you have an underdeveloped HR department, which lacks skills and experience about specific operations and assignments, then you need our expertise to bring in the best HR practice.

If your HR department needs guidance and advice to develop further its professional capacity, we transfer to them the best know-how and assist them during implementation.

You have specific projects coming down the pipeline and you need expertise and experience to add value? Then you need to hire us to help you succeed.

On-going Support and Guidance

It is a considerable investment of time, money and effort to build an internal HR department with a full professional capacity.

It takes years of professional training and best practice for your HR team to start delivering quality services. Even then you get only basic support in HR administration and labour relations, but not the strategic HR expertise we have developed and delivered in the past 30 years.

HR Outsourcing Packages

We offer several HR outsourcing packages with different sets of services. 

You choose for yourself and we advise you which package is most suited for your needs.

For a monthly fee you receive reliable and cost-effective service. You benefit top quality HR management and development services delivered by our leading HR executives and associates.


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