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It is people who perform. People make plans come true.

At MCC, we believe that the commitment of management to putting effective policies and tools in place depends on having strong business acumen and understanding of human nature.

In business development we work with shareholders, boards, executives and teams to create a shared vision, and to develop understanding of the strategy and goals. Activities usually start with a strategic review and positioning to go on with a revision of the business model and the organisational structure against specific growth opportunities. To deliver business growth our projects integrate activities from multiple disciplines such as research and development, strategic management, operations management, products and services, human resources, marketing, sales, and quality assurance.

Organisational development projects facilitate organisational change aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness. To obtain organisational effectiveness we align strategy, people and processes. Activities include organisational assessment, organisational design, job design, innovations, change management, performance management, and project work, as well as training, coaching and team building. We lead executives and teams throughout the process of planned, systematic change until they get at the desired destination.

We teach, coach and advise executives and non-executives to transform them into leaders and winning teams capable to address complex challenges and to bring continual improvement across the organisation. 




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