Emotional Intelligence – How to Shape People in a Positive Way

Published by: MCC Management Academy

We do not come to this world with a set of ready-made emotions. We develop them in time along with our life experience.

Emotional Intelligence - How to Shape People in a Positive Way

Society cultivates humans and their emotions through a life-long learning process that begins in the family. It models their values, beliefs and attitudes that give content and shape to their emotions, teaching them patterns to make them controllable, and, therefore, culturally acceptable.

Yet, we are partly self-made as we make our own decisions, choose our beliefs and form our attitudes. Hence, our emotional response is a manifestation of how we have been modified intrinsically and extrinsically.

There are many individual factors that shape our emotions such as our genes, brain’s physiology, upbringing, learned and impersonated (copied) behavioral patterns, etc. They make us emotionally rich and complex.

Most importantly, emotions are created. They can be developed. They can be taught. Emotions can be altered and improved in anyone and at all levels in the organisational hierarchy.

To quote Sigmund Freud: “Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.”

We teach executives and non-executives to cast words which develop positive emotional responses in people and improve their actions.

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 Excerpt from our Training Programme: “Emotional Intelligence”, Training Module 1 – “What Are Emotions?”